Punishing Gray Raven Everything You Need to Know About Support Characters

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Punishing Gray Raven is a hack and slash game that has many different characters to choose from. The game allows the player to create a team with two additional side characters supporting the player. These support characters will jump in when they are called and use different combos depending on the Orb color they are called upon. If you are looking to better Punishing Gray Raven check out our guide on Punishing Gray Raven Game Guide and Tips.


Calling a supporting character:


punishinggreyraven calling a support character


To call a supporting character in the play, you need to either have a perfect dodge or get a three-ping using three same-colored orbs. The Character you will summon will depend upon the core color that you will set them in. When you successfully do a three-ping or a perfect dodge, the support character screen on the right corner will start flashing depending on the orb you click. After summoning them, they will come in and use their abilities and go on a small cooldown for a while.


What is the Core Color?


Core color is the colors that are behind each Character when you put them to your party. There are in total three colors Red, Yellow and blue. Each color will be assigned to a different character; the Character you will be using will summon the other Character. Setting your Core color is very important as it will decide which characters will come in when you press on them.


QTE mechanic:


QTE mechanic is a unique mechanic in this game, and it different for every champion.


To learn about Support champions, you need first to understand QTE itself. 


Each champion will have a QTE ability, and when you use it, they will come in-game for a few seconds and use that. To use someone's QTE ability, you need to have the champ in your party. When you hit a three or perfect dodge by using one orb next, you allow one of the support characters to come in and use its QTE Ability.


Supports Character that you need to know about:


Before you learn how to get better at calling support, you need to know about what support champions are good right now. Below is the list of all the QTE abilities for OP support champs, explaining them in detail. 


Bianca- Verity:


punishing gray raven Bianca variety


Bianca Verity is an attack-type ranged champ. When summoned, she will launch four arrows. Each arrow will do 80 to 160 percent lightning damage depending upon her core passive. She is an excellent choice in positions where you need support to do damage while keeping a distance. Her arrows are fantastic to use as follow-ups to your combo.


Karenina - Blaze :


Karenina comes in blazing with her guns dealing damage to any enemies nearby. Karenina deal 300 to 600 percent physical damage depending on the level of her QTE. You are doing her significant damage dealing support. So if you are looking for support who can increase your combo DPS Karenina is an excellent option for you.


Liv- Eclipse :


Liv Eclipse is one of the only supports in the game which heals you. Liv will emerge and fill an area with energy. Any ally in the area will get healed for 10 to 20 percent of live max HP. The enemies who are in this field of energy will also get damaged for 100 percent physical damage.


Liv is an excellent support character. Due to her healing ability, she is fairly used as a support. Plus, the damage it deals with also packs quite a punch hence making her an overall good character. Liv eclipse is must-pick support if you are someone who likes having a healer in the party.


Kamui - Gravity:


Kamui Gravity is CC support that does a lot of damage as well. It's a good pick against Enemies with high defense. When you call Kamui it she will do 250 to 500 percent physical damage depending upon her level. She will also stun the enemy and decrease its physical defense for 5 to 10, perfect for the next 10 seconds.


Kamui QTE's ability makes her a perfect pick against champs with very high defense. If you ever find yourself against a champion with a chargeable move, Kamui QTE will cc them hence breaking it in the middle. Kamui is an excellent pick for players looking for something that can provide them with a little bit of time to think.


Lee- Thermite :


punishing Gray raven lee thermite


Lee Thermite is a high DPS kind of support that does chip damage over time. When summoned, he will come in and deal the enemy 150 to 300 percent Physical Damage. Enemies who got damaged by Lee's attack make it to receive an additional 10 to 20 percent physical damage over the last 5 seconds.


Lee is fantastic support if you are looking to do some AOE damage. As anyone In his radius gets damaged by the ability and takes chip damage as well. If you are looking for support that is good at AOE damage, Lee is a must-pick.


Nanami - Pulse :


If you are using fire damage-dealing champion Nanami-Pulse ideally, Synergize with them. When Nanami is summoned, she comes in spinning and dealing 240 to 480 percent fire damage depending on the level. Any enemy around her gets damaged, and their fire resistance is lowered by 5 to 10 percent. 


Nanami -Pulse perfectly. Synergizes with champs that deal fire damage. By increasing the total DPS, the enemies will take. If you are looking for a character that does AOE damage and your Main Character is a fire-type damage dealer, Nanami-Pulse is the perfect fit for you.


Nanami-Storm :


 Nanami-Storm is an AOE damage dealing support that also cc's the enemies. When Nanami-Storm is summoned, she comes in and does a whirlwind spin which deals 245 to 490 percent physical damage depending on her level. Anyone that gets hit by her attack also gets knocked up, creating more opportunities for combos.


If you are someone who's looking for a support champ that will provide them with a bit of damage and opening for their combos, Nanami - the storm is for you. Nanami- Storm combos are very effective against Enemies with higher HP and hoards of them. She is considered very high-tier support, so give her a try.


Lucia - Dawn :


Punishing Gray Raven Lucia dawn


Lucia-Dawn's QTE ability is such that when she is called in, she makes fast-speed fury attacks. Her fast-speed fury attacks do 210 percent physical damage initially, with 510 lightning damage over time. During this, she will have an excellent guard making her immune to any cc.


Lucia-Dawn is a fantastic high DPS support, and her fast-speed fury attacks make great additions to your combos. Apart from that, her lightning damage over time is also highly effective as it will do chip damage to them. If you are looking for support that can provide you with an initial burst of injury followed by chip lightning damage, Lucia-Dawn is the perfect Character for you.


LDPlayer Feature for Punishing Gray Raven:


Punishing Gray Raven is a hack and slash video game with very complex mechanics for a mobile game. Due to all the orb clicking, dodging, and attacking, it can be tough to control the game sometimes. However LDPlayer key mapping feature allows for you to set up easy controls in this situation. You can also use the LDPlayer macros to set up certain combos by mixing up the QTE and the main character's different attacks.




Support champs are very important in Punishing Gray Raven as they provide you with extra damage and heals. In a game like PGR, where healing is not in that much abundance, support being able to do that is very broken. Above is the list of the best supports in-game right now and how they can affect your gameplay. So if you are really looking forward to getting better at this game, try using these supports next time; they will help you immensely.

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