Fate Grand Order | Gudaguda Final Honnoji 2021 – June

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The fate/Stay anime has been come to alive with the Fate Grand Order. This is the RPG that makes the anime into real life, and basically, this game has a lot of attraction on anime lovers. A deep story came with the Fate Grand Order, and that is the unique feature that this game has to be so popular among anime game lovers.


Fate Grand Order | Gudaguda Final Honnoji 2021 – June


So the masters who are summoning the servants on battles will face a new turnover in June. Gudaguda Final Honnoji event is an event that was held on back in 2019, and there is hope in the gaming world to have a rerun for this event this month, June. This is not confirmed the news for the gaming world, but it is not yet a piece of verified information. But, if you have to face this event without a prior announcement, can you play it?


We know that you will face harder on this event without previous knowledge. So here we are. This is the Gudaguda Final Honnoji event guidance, and be ready for it with the action on download Fate Grand Order on PC.


Gudaguda Final Honnoji 2021


The event is titled to destroy all Nobungas, and the requirement on this event is to clear the Fuyuki. There is a map of three thousand Nobunaga realms, and this is more like a war-like event that is holding to conquest the elements. The players on this event have to play along with every quest and control certain territories. That is how you can gain the benefits.


Mechanics of the Event


You need to clear the quests on the event to produce the armaments on it. Or you can get quantum pieces as well. When you can have more domains, you can make it higher on your productivity as well. Armaments you earn here can be divided into three types as


  • Provisions
  • Hundred Man
  • Tatara Iron


Clearing the suppression quest is the way to expand your domain, and it will lead to increased production and a large number of retainers. Make sure to complete every main quest and unlock the four stars Nagao Kagetora permanently.


Armament Production


When a player is enabled to clear designated quests, they will receive many armament products. And the number of armaments you get is based on the player's productivity.


Suppression Quest


Armaments can be used to participate in the Suppression Quests. They will reward the players with domain on the quest, and overall productivity will also be raised.


Event Quest NPC Support


Your suitable role will be marked in the NPC support, and it is constantly being recommended for the quests. Selecting the appropriate role will reward the players with some special buffs.  


The suitable characters you can gain for the event can be checked by referring to our Tier List.


Fate Grand Order | Gudaguda Final Honnoji 2021 – June


Event Bonuses


  • 100%+ damage bonuses with 50%+ bond bonuses for Demon King Nobunaga and Nagao Kagetora


  • 50%+ damage bonuses with 20%+ bond bonuses for OkitaSōji, Oda Nobunaga, Sakamoto Ryōma, Li Shuwen, Okada Izō, HijikataToshizō, Oda Nobunaga (Berserker), Chacha, Mori Nagayoshi, and for OkitaSōji (Alter).


  • 30%+ damage bonuses with 20%+ bond bonuses for Nero Claudius, EMIYA, EMIYA (Alter), ArtoriaPendragon (Lancer Alter), CúChulainn, Ushiwakamaru, Medusa, Medea, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, CúChulainn (Alter), Atalanta (Alter), and Sitonai.


  • 50%+ damage bonuses with 5%+ for all members on the party bond bonuses for MashuKyrielight


Limited Event Craft Essences


An Army Marches on the Stomach


  • Will have a 250/1000 attack with 400/1600HP
  • Quick performance on 10%+
  • Art performance on 10%+
  • Critical Damage on 10%+
  • 100%+ Damage on the event


This will also grant the craft essence EXP card for the 4-star Gudaguda heavenly demon king three times. And also, there is a 3-star craft essence EXP card for the Bishamonten is Here.


Limited Event Command Codes


The great Fool of Owari – 5 star


  • Increasing the critical Damage against the enemies of the divine by 30% from the engraved card


Amazingly crafted Thin Blade – 3 star


  • Ignoring the invincibility when there is an attack by using the engraved card


Immature Illusionary Command Seal


  • When it is an engraved Arts card, it increases the critical star absorption by 100% from the engraved card.


Using LDPlayer for fate Grand Order


This event can be quickly dealt with with the right type of heroes, and earning the correct kind of heroes would be easier with the Multi-Instance Sync Feature. Use this feature to have several rerolls perform on your game and achieve the best hero you like.




Although Fate Grand Order’s Gudaguda Final Honnoji is not yet an actual event to come back, it is filled with valuable things to earn, and there are rewards for the players to earn. So we can keep up our hopes for this event to happen this month, and let’s see how it happens.

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