Epic Seven Recent Updates 2021.06.03

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Epic Seven is an adventure game that deals with the continuous battle between Diche, the goddess of life, and the primordial god Nihilum over the land of Orbis. This RPG game has undergone exciting updates and changes with time. Today, we will provide all the needed details about the Epic Seven Updates as of the 3rd of June 2021.


Epic Seven Recent Updates 2021.06.03


Epic Seven will introduce a new hero, who has fantastic powers and, there is an exciting side story also. This is the guide to know all the details that you should declare about the update. Download Epic Seven on PC, and let’s get to know about our new update.


Introducing New Hero Ilynav


Iiynav is a grade 5 Gemini star and Fire-Elemental Knight who attacks all enemies. She is a well-determined attacker who does severe damages by hitting all the allies with her imprint concentration, and she is a privilege to the caster. She will be the queen of Wintenberge after Cecilia.


She believed dealing with dragons is a shame for those who they have killed. But, at the same time, she has considered who have no hope for obtaining peace and fear for war is weak. You all can meet her on the 3rd of June!


Ilynav | Skills


Iiynav has three primary skills. They are Repel, Punish, and Rush. Her skills can grant advantages for the entire team. Let's explore what they are.


Repel – using this skill, she attacks all the enemies ruthlessly. Before her awakening, she can do increased critical damages to allies for two turns.  Proportional to the top health condition of caster the damage is increase. After her awakening, she has the above skills with immunity to the caster of two turns. When three souls are acquired, the skill cooldown is decreased by five turns.


The skill enhancement happens as follows,


  • +1      +5% damage dealt
  • +2       +5% damage dealt
  • +3       - 1 turn cooldown
  • +4      +10% damage dealt
  • +5      +10% damage dealt


Punish – This skill helps her attack and make holes in the enemy's body by making serious injuries. This will enhance the defense of the caster by two turns.  Proportional to the maximum health condition of caster, the damage and the damage's seriousness are increased.


Each time this skill is used, the injuries reduce the target's maximum health drastically up to 20%. At the same time, it causes to reduce the maximum health of heroes up to 50% also. When ten souls are consumed, the skill cooldown is decreased by two turns. This skill does not affect by effect resistance, either the attack hits or not. Here is the skill enhancement,


  • +1      +5% damage dealt
  • +2       +5% damage dealt
  • +3       - 1 turn cooldown
  • +4      +10% damage dealt
  • +5      +10% damage dealt


Rush – Using this skill, she can attack her opponents by using a spear. Here also, the damage is increased proportionally to the maximum health condition of the caster. There is a 50% chance to use Punish when you take this skill instead of rush unless the attack is activated with a Dual Attack. So, this skill does not start a Dual Attack. The skill enhancement is as follows,


      • +1      +5% damage dealt by the rush
      • +2       +5% damage dealt by the rush
      • +3       +5% damage dealt by the rush
      • +4      +5% damage dealt by the rush
      • +5      +10% damage dealt by the rush


Ilynav | Artifact - Wings of Light and Shadow


The epic Artifact of Ilynav is the Wings of Light and Shadow. This Artifact is a weapon forged with sorrow, desire and modified with resentment. At level 1, when a single attack makes a critical hit, the damage of the next attack is increased by 10%. At the same time, at the level Max, when a single attack makes a critical hit, the damage of the next attack is increased by 20%.


Ilynav |Side Story -The Insignia's New Owner


As you already know, there was no heir to the throne of Wintenberg after the missing of Queen Cecilia. So, with that, the strongest Dragon Knight appears as the ruler of the nation. But, the brave Ilynav claims the throne!


Epic Seven Recent Updates 2021.06.03


This fantastic two-week side story is scheduled to commence on the 3rd of June at 3.00 am, and it will go on up to 2.59 am on the 17th of June (UTC).  Once you have cleared chapters 1 to 10 in the first episode, tap on [Battle] then [Side Story] on Lobby. Then you can enter the game.


The progress of the story


By clearing quests, achievements, and side stories, you can get event currency eligible to exchange for items. A sponsorship bracelet is the event currency. This token is to those who help orphan children who lost parents during the war. There may be some urgent missions while playing the side story. You can obtain two-star Monsters and catalysts in the side story area. Check 'Region Info' for that.


Types of Stage Difficulties


From stage 4, the Stadium of Struggle, players can choose their difficulty easy, normal, hard, and hell. Most of the players tend to select a more severe complication after clearing the previous one successfully. Therefore, when you chose a Difficult level, you need more extra energy. You will earn more event currency also. When you are playing a side story, you can play Hell difficulty only up to 5 times.


Exchange of Event currency


While playing the side story, you can exchange the Sponsorship Bracelet and event currency for getting items in the Exchange. You have to keep in mind that event currency will automatically delete after that period. The list of exchange list as follows.


  • Gift – Gift of Bravery
  • Catalyst – Fused Nerve, Small Sun Badge, Ring of Glory
  • Spirit Ingredient – MolaGora Seed
  • Summon – 5 Covenant Bookmarks
  • Selection Chest – Selection of Greater Equipment Charm
  • Charm – Greater Artifact Charm


Improvement Details


You can get several exciting rewards by playing this. By playing the game, players can obtain the rewards of completing all achievements although they could not reach the difficulty stage - Hell. Rewards that you can receive are,


  • 1,000,000 Gold by clearing stage 10 times
  • 1 Leif by clearing stage 20 times
  • 2 Leif by clearing stage 30 times/ 40 times
  • A Transmit of silver Stone by clearing stage 50 times
  • A catalyst of Random Rare Chest by clearing the difficulty stage 10 times
  • 1 Epic Penguin by clearing Hell difficulty stage
  • 50 Epic Penguin by clearing all side story stages
  • 5  Stones of the Silver Transmit by Completing all achievements


Drop Rate Ups  


Ilynav Shadow and Wings of Light


You will meet Fire-Elemental Hero, Ilynav, and an exclusive Knight Artifact with all the mentioned details in this drop rate.  The side story will also open on the 3rd of June from 3.00 am to 2.59 am on the 17th of June (UTC). 


Mort & Ancient Dragon's Legacy


An Earth-elemental Knight Mort who is well prepared to debuff enemy attacks by his immune to stun and sleep is there in this drop rate. At the same time, an Ancient Dragon's Legacy, exclusive Knight Artifact, which increases the critical hit chance and damage of caster, can be obtained. This will open to you all from the 3rd of June at 3.00 am to 2.59 am on the 10th of June (UTC). 


The previous Big update of Epic Seven in May can be checked from here.


Epic Seven Recent Updates 2021.06.03


Important Notes


In this week, the relevant update will restore automatically. So, there will be no maintenance going to happen.


The artefact information mentioned here can be subjected to change.


If you want to know a better way to reroll your heroes with easy steps, check out our Epic Seven Reroll Guide.




The newest hero, Ilynav, Fire-Elemental Knight, is an excellent character with exclusive skills. You can choose her to beat enemies without any doubt. And most importantly, there is a side story - The Insignia's New Owner where you can obtain many rewards.

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