Fajr - Wake up for Fajr Prayer

Last Updated: 2022-11-04
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Fajr Application is your companion to perform Fajr prayer on time. You will never miss Fajr. It helps you wake up for Fajr prayer on time through a challenge. The app's alarm won't go off until you succeed to pass the challenge of your choice. You may shake your mobile 5 times to wake up or answer random questions.

App Features:
- You can find all-day prayer times including Fajr prayer.
- You can activate the notification of each prayer time separately.
- The app can find your location automatically, or you can choose the city manually.
- You can choose when to wake up before Fajr: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes of customize the time.
- You can select which challenge to do:
1- Shake to wake: you have to shake your mobile more than one time for the alarm to goes off
2- Answer questions: you have to answer random questions, you can also select the type of these questions.
- You can try out the challenge before you activate it
- You can sync the app with Google Calendar to display the prayer times on your personal calendar.
- You can choose the interface language: English or Arabic.
- You can select the alarm sound. The app has 14 Adhan sounds and 9 usual sounds.
- You can select the prayer time calculation method. The app has 12 methods.
- The app has both Hijri & Georgian date displays.
- You can correct the Hijri date manually if needed.
- The app shows the remaining time for the upcoming prayer.
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